The Team

ProAutomate team
We are automation solutions specialists. With over 20 years experience in electronic security and home automation field, we are experts in making life safe and simple.

Our team comprises of electrical engineers and industry specialists who are qualified experienced CBus programmers and installers. Some of our key team members include:


Adrian Darminan
He may be a youngen, but this guy knows his stuff. Adrian is one of our Systems Integrators, and he loves all things technical, which is why he is so good at what he does. He also loves his dog, his 4WDing, bikes (both motor and pedal assisted), planes and boats. And his Nutella Latte. Yes, he’s passionate. Yes, he’s a fast learner. And yes ladies, he can cook. I can attest to this as he’s usually showing off his culinary skills and making everyone in the office drool at lunch. We love SNAG’s. When he’s not at work he’s either at the gym, with his dog, visiting his family or possibly camping – sometimes it’s a combination of all of the above. It must be his fiery Maltese blood that makes him so passionate, either that or he just drinks way too much coffee?

Blake Gallagher

Blake is one of our Systems Integrators. Not only is he great at what he does, he’s keen to learn more and does whatever it takes to get the job done, and done well. But Blake’s not all about work. The travel bug sometimes hits people hard, and it seems to have really landed a punch on Blake. As seems to be a pre-requisite with being a part of the Professional Automation Team, Blake’s done his fair share of camping and 4WD’ing, with his adventures taking him across the Simpson Desert, to Lambert’s Centre, to the Cape, through the Kimberleys and basically all around our magnificent country. He’s even had a 12 month stint in living in our sister country, Canada, but fortunately for us, he still calls Australia home. Blake’s also a car enthusiast, and loves spending his spare time on his Celica GT4 Sports Car, working hard to restore it to its former glory. But he’s not all about cars and camping. He’s quite the connoisseur of beer, coffee and tea. We love a guy that loves to sip a finely brewed cuppa while perusing the 4WD’ing mags.

David Wrightson

“Missiles” is a man of many talents. He’s an electrical engineer, an entrepreneur, a dad and stepdad of 5, and he’s a co-founder of Professional Automation. He’s also a stone mason in his spare time, as well as an arborist, amateur photographer, landscape gardener and taxi driver. No wonder his beard is all salt ‘n’ pepper and his hair is thinning… (this is something he will flat out deny, but it’s true). Dave’s love of fine wine and Singapore Chilli Mud Crab can only be surpassed by his love of boats – big, small, power or sail, he loves his boats. It makes sense then that he was in the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years, working as a weapons systems engineer and helping keep our great country a safe one. Dave’s latest boating adventures have taken him to Hamilton Island for the big race, and are no longer taking a back seat to his camping, 4WD’ing, landscaping, and business building. Yep he’s busy,  but he loves it that way. It keeps him out of mischief.

Harriet Stafford

Harriet is the epitome of the term “Super Mum”. This title doesn’t come easily, and in Harriet’s case, is well deserved. Not only is she an Admin Assistant for Professional Automation, she’s a mother to two gorgeous kids and a pug named Frank, a wife to one lucky man, and a baby sister to two older siblings. Harriet’s a hands-on mum who loves playing with her offspring. If you’re lucky, you might see her walking down the street dressed up as a glittery fairy, or maybe even a superhero. Some may say it’s all part of being a mum, but we know it’s more to do with the fact that Harriet is still a kid at heart. When she’s not dressing up in costume, she likes to travel (of course she’s been to Disney Land!), hit the beach or go for a bushwalk. She’s a woman who will give anything a try (even Bungee Jumping!), and never say die. She works hard and plays just as hard. We love women like that.

Jeremy “Jem” Wrightson

Who of us can say that we’ve jumped out of a plane and lived to tell the tale? Jeremy (aka “Jem”) can. And who of us can say that they’ve been lucky enough to live in another country as part of a student exchange program? You guessed it, Jem can. This young man once had aspirations of being the next Wayne Rooney but life lead him down a different path, and it’s lead him to Professional Automation. We love that he’s landed here. Jem’s that guy you see driving around town with his subwoofer blasting and his windows rolled down, listening to Kendrick Lamar. Like most 20 year olds, he loves his car, but not as much as he loves his dog (though probably more than he loves the family bird…).  Jem’s enthusiasm is infectious and his willingness to take on a challenge is inspiring. Who ever said Gen Y’s aren’t hard workers has never met our Jem! He’s our apprentice fantastique.

Joshua Uren

Tim the Toolman Taylor’s got nothin’ on Josh. He’s a handyman extraordinaire. He’s a real life Mister Fixit. He’s a family man and adores his baby girl. He’s also got family ties that lead back to the First Fleet, which is also pretty extraordinary. While Josh loves work, and is an awesome Technician who works most days, nights and weekends either for the company or on his own projects, he also loves a good night out at a pub for a meal with his wife and his mates. But Josh also likes to give back to the community. He’s an active member of the local Bush Fire Brigade and has been for 15 years. Now that’s commitment. We love commitment.

Mark Cassar

You might not think that a Maltese boy from Sydney’s west and the legendary Peter Brock had much in common, but there is one thing that binds them like gaffa tape – yep, it’s the love of Holden cars. Like Brocky, Mark loves all things cars – and given the opportunity, he’d be a formula one racing car driver. And, knowing Mark, he’d be the guy to beat. You see, Mark is one of those guys that sees every new task as a challenge that he needs to master. He’s one of Professional Automation’s Technicians, he’s a fast learner and he’s a perfectionist. Near enough is never good enough, and that’s something that we love. He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy that loves fishing and camping, 4WD’ing and his dogs. He’s a true family man and as you’d expect from a good Maltese boy, he loves his mum’s home cooking almost as much as he loves his cars. He’s one of the good guys, he’s hardworking and he loves a challenge. We love guys that love a challenge.

Michael Fenech
While he’s no Ronaldo, this die-hard soccer fan holds big dreams of one day being a soccer legend. We love big dreamers. Until that day, this Maltese Falcon will have to be content with sipping a cappuccino and watching his kids play it on a weekend, or sitting with his beautiful wife and watching the big guns play on the TV. That’s when he’s got a spare hour to sit and watch it. Michael would have to be one of the hardest working and driven people out there. He’s another team member who is ex-military, and has found his calling here at Professional Automation. Michael’s a Sales professional, a ‘matheux’ and an absolute whiz with all things technical. His positivity and enthusiasm are real driving forces around the office and in the field. Michael is one of Professional Automation’s co-founders, and he’s working hard to help launch Professional Automation into greatness, and won’t stop until it’s there. Even then, he won’t stop. We love high achievers.

Rita Wrightson

Rita’s a mother and step mum to 5, and works behind the scenes at Professional Automation doing admin, accounts, and digital marketing.  It’s a far cry from her previous life as a Primary School Teacher, and while change can be a challenge to some, Rita embraces change and loves new challenges. When time allows, she likes to sit in the quiet of her lounge room, sip on a glass of red, and play games with her kids or watch some Netflix. I know, it sounds really exciting and salubrious, but each to their own. Rita is the rose amongst the thorns here at Professional Automation, and keeps the boys on their best behaviour. We love a strong woman.

Slav Zinger

Slav is our “mad scientist”. He’s really clever. He’s a technical genius with a mind that’s sharper than a set of pointy nosed pliers. He’s ex military, so self discipline is second nature to him. There’s no limit to Slav’s inventive genius, which we love. But this genius doesn’t define Slav. He’s also a bike riding, bush walking, family man who loves his kids, his wife and his dogs. He also loves to travel and it’s just as well, with his Russian and Israeli heritage, travel is something he can’t really avoid!

Sujith Subramanya

Don’t let his quiet demeanour fool you. There’s more to this guy than meets the eye. Sujith is one cool cat. How cool? He rides a Harley, that’s how cool. And it’s mean looking too. Sujith, however, is far from mean. He’s got to be one of the nicest people you’ll meet. He’s a technical guru, a programming pundit. Yeh, he likes cars, motorbikes, 4WDing, but he also likes camping, trekking, cricket and bushwalking. In fact, Sujith has a dream to circumvent Australia in one long road trip, in a camper van. (I think that most of our team would like to join him in achieving this dream!). Oh, and he absolutely adores his family.  He has described his beautiful wife as the pillar of his family, and he would do anything for her. He even helps around the house with cooking, cleaning and shopping! We love guys that do housework.