C-Bus for Smart Homes

Clipsal C-Bus does more than just turn lights on and off. It’s an integrated system that provides many automated solutions to your home, making it the smartest home on the block.

The smart home solutions that C-Bus provide will make your home feel like your castle, and have your family and friends loving every second that they spend there. Be the king (or queen) of your castle and call us on 1300 459 525 to have C-Bus installed professionally and perfectly.

Not only CBusWallMountcan you control the lighting experience in your home by creating different scenes, you can activate your music, television, gaming consoles and more to be played via your entertainment system at the touch of a button.


One touch control of lighting, air-conditioning, appliances, sprinkler systems and more. You can even control all of these things from your phone, from anywhere in the world.

Turn every light in your house on, off or dim them from the comfort of your bedside light switch.

Do you plan on taking a trip away from home for a few days, weeks, months? Program your lights to give your home that lived-in look.

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