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C-BUS for your Smart Home PUSH for Smart Homes

Home Automation simplifies your life by increasing your home’s energy efficiency, making it more cost effective, more eco-friendly, and well, smart. Professional Automation are qualified and experienced integrators of both Clipsal C-Bus and PUSH.

With C-Bus, elements such as lighting, audiovisual systems and air conditioning can be programmed to work in unison at the touch of a button. Referred to as a ‘scene’, this function allows a specific mood or atmosphere to be created quickly and easily.

C-Bus really is the ultimate in smart home automation – flexible, expandable, designed to grow and complement your lifestyle. No matter what level of control you choose for your home – you will enjoy an enhanced lifestyle of comfort, convenience, control, security and energy efficiency.

PUSH controls has created home automation software, perfect for any home or office. The home automation system from PUSH Controls is user friendly, convenient and creates organisation in your home. An iPad remote using the PUSH home automation software will change the way you entertain, for the better. Home automation is now a popular part of the home. With the rise in larger televisions, better sound systems, clearer imagery and flexible lighting, staying in and enjoying entertainment at home is common and enjoyed by many.

Some examples of what an automated home, also known as a smart home (for the reasons listed above), can offer include:

Night Scene

When it’s time to turn out the lights, turn off your TV, air conditioning, heaters, or anything else that’s electrical,  simply pressing one button your will shutdown your selected lights and appliances, saving you time and energy.

Goodbye Scene

Along with turning off selected lights and appliances, turn on your alarm system and CCTV cameras to keep your home safe and secure while you’re away.

Party Scene

Get the disco ball out,  and use your home automation system to turn on special effect lighting out and crank up the volume on the home entertainment system to make your parties the talk of the town! Special lighting and sound modes can be set up for different entertaining situations, and for different guests. (Aunt Rita might enjoy the roar of a live U2 recording with low lit lights for her parties, whereas Uncle Mark might prefer hard core rock’n’roll and bright lights for his!).  With home automation installed by Professional Automation, you can set particular modes for any occasion!

Holiday Scene

Your neighbours are great, your cousins are too, but you can’t expect them to come to your home every day that you’re away and make it looked lived in. With home automation, you can create different scenarios to give the illusion of your home being occupied whilst you away exploring the world.


Your garden is often the victim of your busyness, and sometimes it needs more that just a hose left on (and often forgotten to be turned off) to keep it looking like something off the cover of a Homes & Garden magazine.  Home Automation allows you to program specific days and times for  your gardens to be watered – which is great for when you’re on holidays.


There are so many applications for home automation that you could apply to your home. Got a fish tank? You can automate it. Got a pool? You can automate it. Got an air-conditioner? You can automate it. Got an alarm? You can automate that too. How about an entertainment system? Yep, you can automate it. Got kids? Ah, no , maybe we can’t help you there…


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