Advantages of DALI

What are the advantages of DALI for you?

For lighting designers and consultants

  • Distributed intelligence for flexible and reliable control
  • Control of individual lights, groups and DALI Lines
  • Easy configuration & reconfiguration for changing circumstances
  • Simple interface with building management systems
  • Logarithmic dimming behaviour matching the human eye
  • Increased energy savings
  • Options for emergency lighting

For installers and electrical contractors

  • Simple 5-core wiring, no special control cable, no polarity, no termination and no segregation required
  • Easy base-building commissioning
  • Easy commissioning for tenancies
  • Building lighting and emergency lighting on the one system
  • No need to switch the mains voltage (handled internally by the ballasts)

For facilities managers & maintenance contractors

  • Status reporting of lamps and ballasts
  • Simple modification – no need to rewire for changing tenancies
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased energy savings due to dimming and control capabilities

For building occupants & tenants

  • Customized lighting preferences
  • More comfortable lighting
  • Individual control
  • Easy modification