DCDAL Series Controllers

DC200 Series DALI Controllers

DALIcontrol DC200 Series Controllers provide advanced control features to create a fully functional lighting control system.

All DCDAL series controllers are built to the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) International Standard and require one DALI address.

Advanced DALI Controllers

  • DCDALIO-0402

    Advanced Input Module
    The Advanced Input Module is designed for DALI applications that require a level of data acquisition. The module can be used for applications such as traffic counting and carpark guidance systems in shopping centres. Used in conjunction with DCBM-DALI Controller/Gateways the DCDALIO-0402 module enables lighting and signage to be controlled based on the status or number of field inputs.
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  • DCDALO-02

    Advanced 2-Channel Output Module
    The DALIcontrol Advanced Output Module is designed for DALI applications that control fixed output lighting circuits. The module includes 2-outputs that can be used to drive contactors or relays that control a load.
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