DALI Emergency Lighting

DALI Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting illuminates essential work areas and escape routes when the power to normal lighting fails.

Legislation demands that emergency lights are regularly tested and maintained in full working order to ensure they function effectively in an emergency situation.

The DALI International Standard enables emergency fittings to be incorporated onto DALI networks thereby removing the need for a separate emergency monitoring system.

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DALI Emergency products from Clipsal include:

  • Emergency Inverters
    Emergency lighting modules with DALI interface featuring an automatic testing facility to cover 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour duration operating from NiCd or NiMH batteries. Various models are available to turn a normal batten or recessed luminaire into an emergency fitting.
  • EXIT Signs
    DALI Exit signs are maintained emergency fittings available with cold cathode CCFL and LED light sources operating from NiCd or NiMH batteries.
  • Emergency Disc
    Recessed non-maintained emergency fitting with high output halogen lamp. Available with 85mm or 140mm reflector discs.

Emergency Monitor from DALI Control

The DALIcontrol Emergency Monitor software package provides the tools to monitor, maintain and report on your DALI emergency lights. Used in conjunction with the DCBM range of controller/gateways Emergency Monitor initiates Duration Testing of emergency fittings and monitors and records the results.