DCBM DALI Controllers

BM2600-DALI Line Controller

DALIcontrol offers a complete digital lighting control system built on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and Ethernet standards.

The DALIcontrol system includes distributed intelligent DCBM DALI Line Controllers spread around a building on an Ethernet network. Each Line Controller uses time schedules, pushbuttons, switches and sensor inputs to control lighting and emergency lighting on DALI communications lines.

DALIcontrol systems using DCBM DALI Line Controllers are easy to design, install, commission, operate and maintain.

BM2600-DALI Line Controller Features

  • Runs straight out of the box
    DCBM DALI Line Controllers are supplied pre-configured so they operates as soon as they are installed. You can control your DALI lights even before the ballasts are addressed enabling contractors to check wiring and to provide basic lighting control during the building construction phase.
  • Distributed Control
    DCBM DALI Line Controllers have built-in intelligence so they continue to run schedules and other control functions even when disconnected from your computer or network. The Line Controllers do not require a server to run as they have their own microprocessor and memory. DALIcontrol Line Controllers are firmware upgradeable to ensure a long life cycle.
  • International DALI Standard
    The DALIcontrol system is built on the international Digital Addressable Lighting Interface standard. Offering true digital control of lighting ballasts each DCBM DALI Control Line Controller manages two DALI Lines and up to 128 ballasts.
  • Control Schedules
    Each Line Controller includes an integrated real-time clock with automatic daylight savings correction, sunrise and sunset calculation and holiday exceptions. Control Schedules are configured in the Line Controller to automatically switch and vary lighting levels to enforce energy savings.
  • 16 Digital Inputs
    The DCBM-DALI Line Controller includes 16 digital inputs for connection to pushbuttons, switches, occupancy detectors etc. The inputs are assigned an input type that defines their behaviour and have integrated override sequences that can be used to reduce lighting levels over configurable periods.
  • Up to 8 Digital Outputs
    Digital outputs are included on the DCBM-DALI Line Controller to enable control of fans, blinds, switched lighting circuits etc. An output to control a fan can be easily added to a toilet lighting control group providing seamless control of a toilet block.
  • Ethernet Networking
    DCBM-DALI Line Controllers include an RJ45 socket for connection to an Ethernet building network. Line Controllers can then be monitored or controlled from any computer on the system without the need of a server.
  • Computer Control
    Simply adjust and control desk and office lighting from a computer keyboard or mouse using DALIcontrol’s software applications. Automatically bring on office lights at startup, alter levels from your PC and switch them off at shutdown.
  • Easy integration with Access Control and Alarm Systems
    The DALIcontrol system can be easily integrated with Security and Access Control systems. Use alarm conditions and card readers to control lighting in a building.
  • Configuration Software
    The DALIcontrol software provides easy configuration of DALI groups, inputs, outputs, control schedules and sequences. The system is built-on over 15 years of lighting control experience and enables control groups to be simply altered to accommodate changing tenancies and to enforce energy saving practices.
  • Status & Error Reporting
    As the DALIcontrol system is built on the DALI standard where every fitting can be monitored, the system provides the status of every DALI ballast and lamp. Failures are reported with type and location details simplifying the task of maintenance staff.
  • Future Expansion
    Changing tenancies, future expansion and new features are easily catered for using the DALIcontrol system. The extensible design of the system means that control groups can be re-configured at any time without alterations to wiring. The system can be easily expanded by adding controllers, sensors, loops and ballasts.