DALI Cabling Systems

DALI Cabling Systems – 5-Pin Plug and Socket

Wiring buildings for a DALI lighting control system is simple, as power and communications can be wired together without segregation.

By using 5-Pin Plugs and Sockets an installation can be completed in practically the same time as wiring power to each light fitting.

The 5-Pin flex and plug and surface mounted socket makes it easier for both luminaire manufacturers and installers.

For Manufacturers

  • Only ONE flex & plug to fit to each luminaire
  • Suitable for both DALI and DSI compatible fittings
  • Low Cost- saves time in the manufacturing process and money on purchasing components
  • Allows for easy disconnection of unit for maintenance
  • Download Data Sheet

For Installers

  • One socket solution for installation of both DALI and DSI fittings
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Coloured sockets can be used to indicate different DALI loops
  • Allows for easy disconnection of each luminaire for maintenance
  • Easy installation of luminaires, emergency fittings and Exit signs on one system

5-Pole Quick-Flex Soft-Wiring System

The Moduline M3 system is a modular 5-Pole soft-wiring system for DALI lighting control networks. The system is an alternative to traditional hardwiring that uses interchangeable modular components to create a simple Plug ‘n Play system that can be easily altered or extended.

As well as providing greater flexibility the Moduline M3 system reduces cabling costs and makes installation of DALI lighting control systems simple.

The Moduline M3 system consists of the following components:

  • 5-Pole Starter Socket (20A) – used to interface between hardwiring and soft-wiring system
  • 5-Pole Interconnecting Leads – complete with 5-pole plug and socket
  • 5-Pole T-piece – one in two out connector
  • 5-Pole Flex and Plug – provides power to a light fitting or Exit sign. Note fittings can be ordered with this lead already fitted

The Moduline M3 is manufactured to AS/NZ61535.1:2003 meeting IP4X requirements. The cable complies to AS/NZS5000.2:1999.