Professional Automation is very proud of its excellent relationship with Schneider and Clipsal, allowing us to integrate the very best in lighting automation technologies to all commercial sectors.

We work hard to ensure that your building really is a smart building. Do you know the 8 elements of a smart building?

8 elements of a smart building

  • Insightful: sensors and connected devices capture data and feed back to the Building Management System, in real time.
  • Personalised: uses technology to create a working environment suited to your preferences.
  • Green: advanced energy management systems help to produce more energy than the building uses.
  • Fluid: contains agile workspaces that can be adjusted, cost-effectively and according to the user requirements.
  • Healthy: uses technology and facilities to foster a healthier working environment.
  • Productive: uses technology to create a smarter, more efficient company culture.
  • Collaborative: uses technology to create space and foster the sharing of ideas and information across business units.
  • Effective: uses tracking systems to understand building performance and allow users to work most efficiently.

We have designed, engineered and programmed lighting automation solutions to a huge variety of clients and sectors, some of which include:

  • Tertiary Education Institutions, such as CSU at Port Macquarie, The University of Newcastle, The University of Technology Sydney,  and The University of Western Sydney;
  • Health Care and Hospitals, such as Perth Children’s Hospital;
  • Automotive Industry, eg Toyota dealership;
  • Aged Care Facilities, eg Woodberry Village ARV;
  • Data Centres;
  • Apartment Buildings;
  • Places of Worship;
  • Secondary Education Institutions;
  • Hotels;
  • and many others

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