Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation is Professional Automation’s area of expertise. Our lighting automation prowess lies not only in Residential Home Automation, but also in Commercial Lighting applications. We have provided automated lighting solutions to many industries, including hospitality, tertiary education, aged care facilities, hospitals, banks and data centres, to name just a few.


What is Lighting Automation?

Automated LightingPut simply, lighting automation is the creation of automated changes in lighting levels to affect power consumption, enhance or create mood,  emphasise architecture, help to showcase art, and suggest action. Lighting can be automated based on time, on motion, and on natural light levels to create the perfect lighting to suit your needs.

At Professional Automation, we are very proud to be closely associated with Schneider, and Clipsal. PUSH by Schneider, DALI and C-Bus are leading automation products. CBus is a micro-processor controlled wiring system for lighting control and energy management. It allows building managers and integrators to configure an area as required; such as automatically switching lights off or adjusting light intensity in accord with natural light levels.

In residential environments, C-Bus offers a total luxury package. Control multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party systems to achieve a customised solution.

With C-Bus, you can achieve an environment of comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency. Read more about C-Bus here.

PUSH by Schneider is the most intuitive, affordable and scalable control system available on the market today. Push creates a seamless, connected home. With one simple control, you can operate virtually any device, system or appliance.

Push gives you simplicity and control. Be empowered to take control of your home’s technology. The result is greater connectivity, simplicity, comfort and control.

What can PUSH do?Learn More About PUSHPlay with PUSH – Interactive Demo